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The IMPADA project came to its final actions.

In particular, we are happy to announce the production of the last two outputs:

O3  Recommendations for adult learning providers to help them improve their effectiveness, adapting education provision to the needs of specific disadvantaged groups.

This document contains a series of general ideas and recommendations for adult learning providers to improve their inclusive practice and the recruitment, retention and outcomes for learners from ‘disadvantaged groups’. These recommendations arose from adult learning providers across Europe who were keen to engage in the IMPADA project to improve the effectiveness of Adult Education for disadvantaged learners. The recommendations are examples of current good practices across a wide field of providers who have been involved in both development and delivery and consider them to be effective in inclusive practice. 
These recommendations provide inspiration and ideas for adult learning providers to improve their inclusive practice. For maximum impact, they should be viewed in conjunction with the other IMPADA Outputs, most especially the IMPADA Self-Assessment Framework: a resource provided for adult education providers to understand and self-assess their inclusive practice and systematically plan for improvement. 


 O4: Network of IMPADA adopters and repository of assessment results to allow the exchange of practices regarding disadvantaged learners and promote the adoption of IMPADA outputs (60 adopters during project life).


We hope these additional outputs can be useful to organizations engaged in adult education towards disadvantaged groups, to improve their effectiveness more and more.