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Another important step of the project IMPADA have been done in November 2016, in Estonia, Tallin. We are talking about the training workhop on the use of the IMPADA framework and tools, and designing institution-specific measures to improve effectiveness for disadvantaged groups.

Purpose of this meeting was to teach to multipliers the outputs created till now, and namely:

 IMPADA Common Assessment Framework


Self-Assessment Methodology for the IMPADA Common Assessment Framework

Let’s see in details what theese outputs are:

- IMPADA Common Assessment Framework: this Common Assessment Framework focuses on challenges related to disadvantaged adults. Compared with similar tools, the Framework highlights the issues that are crucial for effective provision of adult education on disadvantaged groups and adds some aspects that are often omitted.  The Framework is a tool for both organisations and individual practitioners to self-assess the effectiveness of their adult education on disadvantaged groups against a common set of identified criteria. This Framework is supported by an implementation guide and methodology to enable practitioners to get best value from this tool.

- IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE FOR THE COMMON ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK: The IMPADA Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a tool designed for education organisations (and practitioners) to self-assess the effectiveness of their adult education provision with disadvantaged groups. This Implementation Guide supports the provider’s leadership team through the process, including setting up the most effective Assessment Team. The CAF is also supported by a Methodology, to enable the Assessment Team to self-assess, produce a Self-Assessment Report (SAR) and action plan identified improvements.

 - Self-Assessment Methodology for the IMPADA Common Assessment Framework: This Self-Assessment Methodology will guide the selected self-assessment team through the self-assessment in order to produce a  completed self-assessment framework (CAF), a  self-assessment report (SAR), and a Quality Improvement Action Plan (QIAP).