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The kick-off meeting of the IMPADA project was hosted by DACES in Chesterfield, United Kingdom, on the 10th and 11th November 2015, with the participation of all project partners.

Following the welcome address and the presentation of the meeting agenda, participants made an introductory presentation of themselves and the organisation they represent, in relation to their role and expected contribution to the IMPADA project. Participants delivered presentations in each session, addressing all aspects of the activities described in the IMPADA Application Form.

At the end of each session, active discussion took place, enabling the consortium to understand the issues and reach decisions by consensus. The meeting concluded with a sum-up of first semester and imminent tasks and activities. Participants assessed the quality of the meeting using an evaluation form.

Meeting minutes have been produced by DACES in order to summarise the main aspects of the presentations and discussions that took place, and present the major decisions taken for the work to be carried out in the first six months of the project. All presentations and related documents that were distributed have been made available to partners via the project's web collaboration space.