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The partnership comprises 5 organisations from 5 EU countries from the worlds of adult learning provision, educational research & policy development. Derbyshire Adult Community Education Service (DACES) is a large UK provider experienced in applying evaluation methods on education effectiveness. The Polish Educational Research Institute (IBE) leads the research on the evaluation of education systems. People’s University of Rome (Upter) delivers courses adjusted to the needs of disadvantaged adult learners. The Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association (ENAEA) represents the Estonian adult learning providers at national and EU level. PROMEA is an expert in the design & implementation of research methodologies for education.



Derbyshire Adult Community Education Service (DACES) -
DACES is tThe largest provider of part time adult learning opportunities in Derbyshire, established in 1974. Part of Derbyshire County Council (DCC), which has approximately 30,000 employees. Derbyshire size is approximately 100 x 50 miles. Derbyshire (excluding Derby City) has a population of 800,000 of the UK’s 64m. 25% of Derbyshire’s population has no qualifications.
DACES works to Sector Subject Areas (SSAs) defined by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) there are 15 SSAs and DACES delivers across 13 of them, including Family Learning. £3.5 million of funding is around “Community Learning” i.e. learning not for a qualification. The largest group of enrolments in qualification learning is in ICT and Skills for Life with the largest enrolment overall in Community Learning course in Arts and Crafts - followed by Health and Wellbeing. Programmes are offered in 23 main centres and a further 80 outreach venues.




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Polish Educational Research Institute (IBE) -
Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych (IBE) [Educational Research Institute (ERI)] is an independently funded organisation, which conducts interdisciplinary research on the functioning and effectiveness of the education system in Poland. Having expertise on evaluating effectiveness and impact of education systems and developing assessment tools, they are supporting the Polish government in developing National Qualifications Framework and have also conducted a large-scale ESF project to strengthen educational research capacity in Poland.



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People’s University of Rome (Upter) -
UPTER was established in Rome in 1987 as a non-profit cultural association active in the field of adult education. Continuing education, which at first seemed to interest a particular category of senior citizens, began to attract the interest of all those who had educational and training needs. Thus, UPTER was turned from "third ages' educational centre" toward a People’s University, on a European model. UPTER is a point of reference for a lot of other organisations. Its main activity is in Rome but also outlying areas. Programmes are typically 50 hours October-June and courses are advertised through an annual guide and online registration. The largest department is the languages department. Disadvantaged learners for which UPTER has delivered specific courses includes migrants and the unemployed.





Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association (ENAEA) -
ENAEA is nationwide ‘umbrella’ organisation connecting educationally oriented nongovernmental associations and adult learning institutions. ENAEA was re-established in 1994 and currently has 74 member organisations across Estonia. ENAEA works with other providers and not directly with the learners. More than half of ENAEA’s member organisations deliver adult education. The mission of ENAEA is to support its members' aspirations in education by building a learning environment needed for the development of civil society as well as raising public awareness of non-formal education.
ENAEA’s interest areas are: adult educators' and managers professional development and qualification; quality of adult learning, awareness raising on adult learning in society; involvement of disadvantaged groups into adult learning; basic skills and key competences.




Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies (PROMEA) -
PROMEA is a non-profit society founded in 2006 in Athens, Greece, actively involved in the preparation of 12 EU projects, during the last 5 years. PROMEA drafts and coordinates EU funded research project proposals, promotes innovative learning methodologies, and further develops research results & prototypes into innovative products & services. PROMEA’s core activities revolve around the development of original research ideas, design, implementation and analysis of surveys, understanding user needs and requirements, carrying out thematic studies, designing educational services, contributing to the development of educational software, and delivery of training to public and private organizations.